Cyber security

Closing the loop between connectivity, data, and control

ABB provides the defense-in-depth security required for digital solutions in mission-critical applications and industries.

With the early days of cloud enablement behind us, it’s clear that “security” means much more than protection against cybercrime: certainly connections need to be safe, but the value of that data should also be protected. Customers should not be required to forfeit safety, value, or control in order to realize the benefits of digitization, and ABB Ability™ closes the loop between these needs with an innovative, multi-layered approach to security:


The majority of the 70 million ABB connected devices working for customers around the world require built-in safety standards that, by definition, must also be secure. Everything from controller hardware to RAP software is designed to ensure optimized, uninterrupted operation.


ABB Ability™ collaborates with Microsoft Azure to give customers access to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure built into the ABB Ability™ platform for customers to securely store their data .


Protecting intellectual property is an oft-overlooked requirement for customers hoping to participate in a large, open, digital industrial ecosystem. ABB Ability™ provides the functions and protocols to protect customer IP as rigorously as ABB protects its own.


ABB innovates digital security via its Group Cyber Security Council, and participates in standardization efforts such as Platform Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet Consortium. It also works with dozens of universities, and brings together leading minds annually for its Global Technology Forum.


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