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Diversity and Inclusion

Let's write the future of diversity. Together.

At ABB, we are committed to solving some of the biggest global challenges of our time. This is only possible through our exceptional people, who work, every day, for a better future. Building a culture of diversity and inclusion makes each of us stronger and is critical to our success; a culture where individual differences are welcomed and we all unite to write the future together.

We are global technology pioneers in a company with a proud 125-year history. Thanks to deep roots in many different countries and cultures, diversity has been part of our DNA from the beginning. Today, we are working hard to deepen this commitment and ensure that ABB’s workforce, policies and practices bring out our best.




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Inclusive People processes and practices 
including recruitment, development, 
retention and career planning

Career lifecycle

Benefits/ Options to support 
the career lifecycle of employees 


Raising awareness & Influencing 
change externally and internally

ABB Diversity and Inclusion Champions

Small words, big difference

Making small changes to the words we use makes a big difference.


Tomorrow’s leaders

Young people from all over the world learn to lead on ABB’s Global Training Program.


The power of sharing

How do you deliver cutting-edge projects thousands of miles apart and look after a baby?


#EmbraceDifference: Leading diversity in Europe

ABB was recently among more than 50 of Europe’s largest industrial and technological companies to sign the first pan-European commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Spearheaded by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), of which ABB is a member, the pledge is designed to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace, including:



An inclusive culture

Create an open and inclusive work environment where all individuals’ contributions are valued, their voices are listened to and respected.


Inclusive leadership

Establish diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative at all levels of an organisation visibly led by the “top leadership”, acting as role models.


Aspiration and goal setting

Set and maintain challenging but achievable goals and ambitions within the organisation.


Clear responsibility

Ensure that all managers are responsible for reaching diversity goals and ambitions and that they have appropriate oversight of strategies and initiatives to achieve them.


Equal opportunities

Review people policies, processes and practices, including recruitment, retention, development, remuneration and career planning to foster diversity and avoid any bias.


Societal engagement and responsibility

Contribute to bridging the skills gap by supporting the development of STEM and digital subjects in education. Focus on apprenticeships, dual learning (i.e. combined learning in schools and on the workfloor), and business-education partnerships especially for underrepresented groups.

How can we all reach our full potential? #EmbraceDifference!  Find out more about the initiative

Diversity and Inclusion around the world


More mobility, more diversity

When our people move to a different country to work, it can be difficult for their partners to find their feet. ABB in Switzerland is looking for ways to help them and to make our organization even more diverse.

Where is the best local school? How do I find a job? Is there a local orchestra I can join? When you move to a foreign country with your partner, lots of questions come to mind and often there is no one to answer them.

In some cases, employees are less likely to take a foreign assignment if their partners cannot find the information they need to enjoy expat life. Therefore, the easier we can make it for them, the more we can support diversity across the organization globally.

People joining ABB in Switzerland from abroad are invited to regular networking events with their partners to help them find their feet and make contacts. The focus is mainly on topics such as living and working in Switzerland, in order to support the newcomers' integration into the local society. Meeting people who are living the same experience and share their challenges is an important first step for building up new networks.

"My daughter and I attended the very first Meet & Greet, and we met such great people that I decided to volunteer for the planning committee,” said Michelle Jones, an expatriate in Switzerland. “Connecting with people from all over the world who have made Switzerland their home, and having integration support at the same time, has greatly enhanced our experience."



Empowering local communities

Globally ABB is seen as a leader in technology and innovation. On a local level, our goal is to also be seen as a leader in reconciliation. 

Within our workplace, ABB Australia continues to strive toward an inclusive workplace fostering respect, understanding and harmony between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians.

More jobs, more trade

By signing the Statement of Commitment and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), we are committed to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation at all levels of our organization and to support future generations through educational programs. We are also building opportunities through procurement, working with indigenous business owners through our sub-contractors. This program focuses on three key areas of opportunities, relationships and respect.

Culture and education

We regularly take part in activities such as the annual celebration of the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, known as NAIDOC week. 

Find out more about ABB Australia's RAP and related activities here.


Building a pipeline for diverse talent

A recent raft of diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts in India is already helping to attract and develop a new generation of talented women. 

ABB India launched a national D&I Council in 2018 to drive local implementation of the group D&I Framework and track progress against a range of targets. Staffed with senior leaders from across ABB India, the council conducted workshops with each business to ensure open discussion on current challenges and to draft action plans to bridge the gaps. New initiatives focused on each of the three D&I framework pillars. For example:

  • Talent: launch of a new female leadership development program.
  • Career Lifecycle: launch of ‘Reboard’, an initiative to reconnect with former female employees.
  • Raising awareness: panel discussion with female leaders from across industry.

ABB India’s combined D&I efforts are already showing impact, especially among graduates, a key focus for the group: last year, 52% of all graduate hires were from minority groups, rising to 61% on the Graduate Engineer Program.

United Arab Emirates

Encouraging local talent

Young Emiratis have traditionally focused on public sector careers. As we continue to grow in the UAE, we have taken steps to encourage more of them to join us.

We believe it is our social responsibility to give opportunities to local people in the countries we work in. It is the right thing to do for business too: Professionals who have grown up in that culture have a better understanding of local markets and how to build relationships with customers and suppliers. 

By publicizing our training and the flexible, long-term career opportunities available, we have been able to engage more and more young Emiratis. One of the keys to our success has been the specialized training we offer in our latest technologies and equipment in our Abu Dhabi Learning Zone. Employees and customers can pursue hands-on and virtual learning. 

Parallel to our internal actions, in 2013 there was a significant government initiative aimed at getting more young people into the private sector, directed by the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister. It was the perfect time to strengthen our efforts, and we have been more successful as a result.


Women's Forum Forward

Each year, 20 high potential women at ABB Sweden join a networking and mentorship program to increase the number of women in leadership roles over the long-term. 

Established in 2015, Women’s Forum Forward Sweden provides young talents with the opportunities they need to develop and introduces senior managers to the next generation of women leaders. By building a strong network, women can support and coach each other through their careers in ABB. 

Many participants from the program have now progressed into management, and female leaders have significantly contributed to ABB Sweden's rapid growth in recent years.



The “Girlsatec” – Young women conquer technical professions” project was launched in Berlin in 2013.

The “Girlsatec” project aims to expand career horizons for girls and young women in the field of industrial and technical professions. In parallel, it informs the target groups “parents” and “teachers” about job-specific entry requirements and what the respective training programs entail while presenting the opportunities and career prospects for girls and young women in this field.

The “Girlsatec” has come up with target group oriented approaches and ways to appeal to girls and young women. In addition to offering hands-on methods for introducing girls and young people to technical work by letting them try it out, the project also provides information about apprenticeships in industrial and technical fields at schools, job/trade fairs and events – and at ABB Ausbildungszentrum Berlin GmbH. The project organizes workshops for company representatives, prepares informational material for the various target groups, presents results and activities of the project on its own website, Facebook page and YouTube channel and supports the exchange of experience and results through extensive networking activities.

The “Girlsatec” project has already achieved significant results in Berlin and gained experience that sets benchmarks throughout Germany and beyond. As an example, 127 events were organized in 2018 together with 44 schools and over 1,700 girls were directly targeted and reached.

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ABB's Mission to Zero

The world we live in is undergoing rapid change. From industrialization to urbanization and digitalization, we must find a way to successfully manage the pressures being placed on our planet.

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