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ABB retains no. 1 global market position in Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

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ARC advisory group ranks ABB’s Distributed Control System number one for the 20th consecutive year. Key success factor is the large amount of verticals addressed.

December 2019: A report by the ARC Advisory Group, a leading industry analyst, confirms that ABB increased its share of the Distributed Control Systems market to 20%, retaining its leadership position for the 20th year running, in a growing market, which is expected to reach a net worth of $17.4 billion globally by 2023. The company grew its market share by 1.8 percent since 2008.

According to the report, ABB’s strong presence in many of the key vertical markets for DCS – water & wastewater, oil & gas, chemicals & refining, pharmaceutical & biotech and food & beverage – was a major factor in its success.

“Being independently verified as the global market leader in DCS for 20 years is an outstanding moment of pride for ABB, and a testament of our technology leadership and the strength of our long-term customer relations. We continue to invest in developments that extend the power of the DCS, to combine electrical and process automation, and help our customers leverage the era of digitalization with cloud and edge-based applications and services,” said Dr. Peter Terwiesch, President, ABB Industrial Automation.

DCS – key to the fourth industrial revolution

Distributed Control Systems are the heart of plant-level digitalization in the process and hybrid industries. They ensure high availability of the production processes, thus maximizing asset utilization, increasing process efficiency and ensuring product quality. DCS is key to the energy and the fourth industrial revolution, enabling safe, smart and sustainable production of goods that enhance the day-to-day lives of people around the world. As an integration platform, ABB’s DCS improves engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset management, and integrates electrification, instrumentation, automation and telecommunications. DCS are key to helping process industries producers become more productive and profitable.

As an integration platform, ABB’s DCS is also an electrical control system, a safety system, and a collaboration tool that improves engineering efficiency, operator performance and overall asset management. The DCS also enables ABB AbilityTM Collaborative Operations to automatically analyze and derive predictive maintenance and performance enhancement actions that customer and ABB experts employ to improve operations.

ABB’s DCS systems and best-in-class single channel Select I/O have proved a strong combination for customers. With the new approach to engineering large capital projects and digital marshalling, it provides maximum flexibility and resilience to late changes, reducing capital cost, schedule and footprint.

 The company is also actively involved in industry bodies and user associations such as the Open Process Automation™ Forum, NAMUR, and OPC Foundation, which ensures customer-focused technology development and collaborative industry leadership.

DCS are the heart of plant-level digitalization in the process and hybrid industries.

“In dynamic, digitalizing industries, it’s challenging to maintain consistency with the fast pace of technology development and rapid market changes.” said Harry Forbes, Senior Analyst, ARC Advisory Group. He elaborated, “As analysts, it’s interesting to observe how ABB manages acquisitions, maintains installed bases and addresses the Internet of Things with consistency in DCS and other automation market spaces.” 

DCS - future trends

Looking ahead, emerging countries continue to be a key focus for market development. A resurgence of the global oil & gas upstream industry, expansion of the chemical and petrochemical industry in Asia, and the development of the global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market are a few of the industrial trends driving the higher growth forecasts for the global DCS market. The report also suggests that services are likely to be the fastest growing segment of the DCS market. Supporting the largest installed base, DCS-related services are already a priority for the company.

ABB Ability™  remote-enabled, software-assisted services are an important contributor to DCS security, performance improvement and lifecycle evolution.

ABB’s leadership in DCS stems from countless ground-breaking projects around the globe.

Why ABB DCS is customers' choice number one

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