ABB technology drives the e-bus expansion in Germany

A bustling port city in northern Germany, Hamburg has set ambitious sustainability goals to cut CO2 emissions by half from 1990 to 2030, in large part through the development of e-mobility initiatives.

In terms of local public transport, Hamburger HOCHBAHN AG is contributing to the Hamburg climate plan with a wide-reaching fleet electrification program that includes Germany’s first fully electrified bus terminal for a system carrying 200 million riders a year. The company is committed to having its entire fleet of 1,000 bus electric by 2030.

The charging technology keeping e-buses running are as varied as the cities in which they operate, ranging from flash chargers during service at bus stops, to opportunity chargers at the depot and even to the type of charging technology familiar from passenger cars used at Hamburger Hochbahn.

ABB, as a global leader in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, is initially supporting this undertaking by supplying 44 of its high-power 150 kW chargers for the operator’s network. This will allow 44 buses in the fleet, each with a range of up to 150 km in normal conditions, to be simultaneously charged in the central bus depot.

ABB’s high-power charging products deliver an intelligent and cost-effective solution to charge larger fleets of electric buses, ensuring zero emission transportation. For added convenience and space saving, the high-power chargers are installed on the roof of the bus depot.


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