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Substation Services

Ongoing deregulation, globalization and increasingly wider open-market competition create an environment that presents many new challenges for the electrical industry. 

In order to be successful, companies must focus on optimum utilization of resources and cost efficiency, while complying with health, safety, quality and environmental standards. Diligent maintenance of the power infrastructure safeguards asset value, optimizes system performance and reliability, and ensures continuous power delivery to all operations.

With more than 100 years of experience and innovation in the substation domain, and with our worldwide presence, ABB can deliver customized service solutions meeting the operational and maintenance needs in all kinds of substations in transmission and distribution grids, as well as industrial power supply systems for all types, makes and generations of components.

Our competent service organization is within easy reach and helps to ensure high operational efficiency and performance throughout the substation lifecycle. Comprehensive expertise in both primary and secondary technologies qualifies us to support our customers with effective asset management including planning and executing a wide range of well-coordinated services. 

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