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Committed to addressing environmental impacts

ABB provides products, systems and service solutions that not only enhance our customers' businesses, but also lessen their environmental impacts, through improved energy efficiency and increased industrial productivity.

In our own operations too, improving environmental performance is an ongoing effort and ABB’s Sustainability Objectives 2014 - 2020 describe our ambitions and targets. For the environmental issues identified as material to ABB operations, we have put in place enterprise-wide policies and programs to reduce energy, water and materials use, maximize waste recycling, eliminate hazardous materials and streamline logistics and packaging.

At our sites and offices worldwide, we employ over 800 sustainability specialists. They work to implement our programs and to ensure that our facilities comply with ISO and OHSAS standards to manage environmental and health and safety risks.

The principles of risk reduction and continuous improvement are also reflected in our approach to product development. When designing eco-efficient and recyclable products we conduct Life Cycle Assessments – comprehensive evaluations that encompass long-term environmental consequences.

Sharing best practice and partnering on sustainability issues is key to our approach. We collaborate with customers, suppliers, external organizations and educational institutions to help ABB implement effective programs that are good for the environment, and better for business.

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