Acting responsibly in a world of evolving needs

At ABB, we recognize the company is part of society, and we strive to meet evolving challenges. Our social license to operate depends on our stakeholders’ perceptions of ABB, business performance, management of risks and behavior.

We see our business contributing to societal progress in different ways. Our products, systems and services, for example, support the development of utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure in an energy-efficient way, increasing power supply and productivity with lower environmental impact.

The provision of power is a catalyst for social change and improvement – witness its importance to healthcare, education, housing and job creation.

ABB has a direct influence over the many people we come into contact with on a daily basis: our employees and contractors, business partners, including suppliers, and the communities where we operate. The health and safety of our employees and contractors is a top priority. The attraction, development and retention of top-class employees is another area of continuous work and improvement.

We also have both global and local programs to support progress at a community level – through rural electrification programs and several hundred social projects. In addition, a corporate program supports talented but needy engineering students around the world.

Our performance is underpinned by key standards and guidelines which outline our business and societal commitments, such as the Group Code of Conduct, our Ethics, Environment, Social and Human Rights policies, and many internal guidelines, including integrity standards. These define our core values and help stakeholders to understand what they can expect from ABB.

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